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FACENOW comprises of various tests designed to accelerate the performance and progress of the students across core skills sets that is required to propel these young minds into a brighter and better tomorrow.....

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Test Suites

In today’s scenario, both technical and non-technical ability plays a major role in deciding the employment of a person. Our test suite comprises of various test modules to enhance the user capability with close regard to these requirements....

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Our technology assists the college to test the skills of the students from time to time thus identifying the areas that require attention to transform this result into a productive and time saving experience....

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Anytime Access

Like an ATM machine, FACENOW's test series can be accessed at any time of the day. Take complete control of your test-taking schedule!

Live Support

Enter into a live chat with FACENOW's dedicated support team for any queries related to the portal's usability or application handling issues.

User friendly

Intuitive application interfaces coupled with student-friendly test themes now makes getting placement-ready child's play.

Secure Environment

Enter into a test-taking environment that emulates the ones which will be adopted by top organizations when they come to recruit you!

Online Purchase

Getting started with FACENOW's test series is hassle-free and has all the features of an online shopping experience. Put what you want in your test cart.

Self Assessment

FACENOW's test-ware equipped with multiple performance charts, score comparisons, progress reports, and more helps you become your own advisor.

Responsive Design

Access Facenow on any device, be it your mobile phone, tab, notebook, or your desktop. Anytime and anywhere on the go!

Instant Report

Download instantaneous test results mapped into elaborate yet intuitive reports in the form of pdfs, excel sheets and test reports for the world to see!

Test Repository

Detailed solution for each question across various test modules are supplied with alternate, short-cut methods for particular concepts is available constantly.