FACENOW offers a wide variety of tests across various domains to enhance the competency of an individual


Learning Assessment Test

Learning Assessment Test is designed to test the user’s knowledge in a particular subject and provide instant assessment for the test taken. They make the user understanding more visible and also help in evaluating the learning effectively.

Why LAT?

  • Rapid feedback on learning
  • Reliable results
  • Scope for improvement
  • Fast and precise learning


CODElab is developed solely to help the users in learning more about programming languages with hands on experience. Here the users are welcome to take up our challenge and write their code accordingly.

Why Codelab?

  • Compile on the Go
  • Elegant and simple to use GUI
  • Support to help in coding
  • No issues of setting path variables

Writing Ability Cracker

To succeed in business and climb the ladder of success at a faster pace, students should improve their communication ability. This is where our WAC tests come to the front row. Written ability communication is designed to evaluate the grammar, spelling and sentence formation ability of the users.

Why WAC?

  • Improve correspondence communication
  • Effective delivery of information
  • Enhance public relation
  • Added advantage for those who possess this skill

Business English Cracker

Most business people spend much of their work talking, reading, writing and listening. Business English Certificate is a suite of three English language qualifications (Reading, Writing, and Listening) specially designed to enhance these English language skills of its users.

Why BEC?

  • Improve language skills
  • Boost employability
  • Improve confidence of the individual
  • Better communication