CODElab is developed solely to help the users in learning more about programming languages with hands on experience. Here the users are welcome to take up our challenge and write their code accordingly.

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Take test

In your dashboard, a list of Code tests will be displayed. Choose the test that you want to take and click on the take test button across the test name.


The instructions for the test will be displayed on clicking the take test button. Take your time to read the instructions carefully and proceed to the test environment.

Click on the link below to view detailed instructions and sample for Codelab.

Test Environment

After reading the instructions, the user can proceed to the test environment. Click on start exam button when you are ready to start the test.


You can submit your test at any time by clicking on submit exam button.

At the end of the test time, the test will be submitted automatically.


After the end of the test, the results will be generated.