The assessments are tailored to test the candidates, considering the current industry requirements.

In IEPT, the candidates are graded on various scales (Scale A to F) in every section. These sectional grades are then consolidated to give an overall grade (Scale A to F). The complete test is for a total of 100 marks and equal weightage is given to every section while computing the total score.

Take test

How will you test your speaking skills?

In your dashboard, a list of IEPT/TPEL tests will be displayed. Choose the test that you want to take and click on the take test button across the test name.

Browser Requirements

  1. Use chrome 39+ version
  2. Required flash player plugin for chrome
  3. Browser should be enable javascript and flash player
Note: Do not use incognito window


The instructions for the test will be displayed on clicking the take test button. Take your time to read the instructions carefully and proceed to the test environment.


Schedule- i.e, the start and end time of the test will be displayed in the dashboard as well as in the instruction page as well. Make sure you take your test within the scheduled time to complete your test.

Start exam

After reading the instructions, the user can proceed to the test environment. Click on start exam button when you are ready to start the test. At the end of the allotted time, the test will start automatically.

Proctor Code

Enter the secret code to proceed...

Test Environment

At the end of each question time, It will prompt you to click Save & Continue.

Progress panel for each question

  1. Time left
  2. Reading time for the question
  3. Recording time


After the end of the test, the results will be generated.