LAT – Learning Assessment Test

Learning Assessment Test is designed to test the user’s knowledge in a particular subject and provide instant assessment for the test taken. They make the user understanding more visible and also help in evaluating the learning effectively.

Take test

How will you take your aptitude test?

In your dashboard, a list of subscribed tests will be displayed. Choose the test that you want to take and click on the take test button across the test name.


The instructions for the test will be displayed on clicking the take test button. Take your time to read the instructions carefully and proceed to the test environment.


Schedule- i.e, the start and end time of the test will be displayed in the dashboard as well as in the instruction page as well. Make sure you take your test within the scheduled time to complete your test.

Start exam

After reading the instructions, the user can proceed to the test environment. Click on start exam button when you are ready to start the test.


The time allotted for the test is displayed on the top right corner of the page. Users can keep track of their time by viewing here.

Submit exam

You can submit your test at any time by clicking on submit exam button.

At the end of the test time, the test will be submitted automatically.


After the end of the test, the results will be generated.

Usually for college subscribers, the test result will be displayed after 24 hours of test completion.

Self-registered users can view the results immediately.


The test analysis helps the user in evaluating his potential. For this purpose we provide both overall analysis as well as the question wise analysis.

Analysis Overview

Analysis Overview enables the user to view his overall result and analysis using graphs for easy understanding.

Analysis - Questionwise

Click on Question wise analysis tab to view solution along with detailed explanation. To view the detailed solution, click on the Solution button at the end of the options.