TPO – Training and Placement Officer

FACENOW assists the TPO of a subscribed college to manage the users and get timely report and analysis of the test that their students take. This enables efficient monitoring and improvements from time to time.


FACENOW offers four different types of tests - MCQ, WAC, BEC and Codelab.

Dashboard displays all the tests subscribed by the TPO for their students.

The required test can be chosen from the dashboard by clicking on the Take test button against the test name.

TPO can also view the results of the students by clicking on the graph icon which is available against the test name.

Another facility for the TPO is that he can decide which test should be visible to the users in their dashboard. He can just click on the eye icon against the test name to enable or disable the test for the user.


The TPO can view all their required information under their profile by clicking on the profile button in the dashboard.

Switch Account

A TPO having multiple accounts can switch to other account without having to logout. He can just click on the switch account button in the dashboard and choose the required account and proceed without any hassle.

Test Plans

TPO can select from the wide range of expert curated tests using the test plans section. The TPO has the option to pre define the number of required users while purchasing the tests.

Test Tracker

TPO can effectively track the test status using the test tracker. Here the details regarding the total number of users, number of live users, number of users who have started the test and the total count of users who have completed can be tracked.