Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is FACENOW?
  2. FACENOW is an online assessment and training management solution brought to you by FACE (
  3. Is FACENOW free to access ?
  4. FACENOW is always free to use. However certain features / packages can be used after paying respective fees.
  5. Should I register myself to use FACENOW ?
  6. Users shall register with FACENOW to access features which may not be available otherwise. This ensures better service and customization to suit your need.
Online Test Packages
  1. What are the pricing & plans available?
  2. We provide various test packages that matches your needs. Please find detailed list of test packages at pricing & plans
  3. What is composition of each test?
  4. Each test is prepared by a panel of experts, which can be tasted while taking your test. Composition varies with each test based on the type of package. Typically, each test consists of 45 to 60 questions with mix of difficulty level. Please find detailed list of test packages at pricing & plans
  5. When can i get the results of my test?
  6. Results are instantaneous for most package tests. However results of some competitive national level tests may be published after sometime.
Security & Privacy
  1. Is my data secure?
  2. Security is a top priority of FACENOW. We store data in most secure way possible, which includes encryption of data, ring fencing users, etc.,
  3. Can I share scores / performance with others ?
  4. Well, its your call. You can share your results, performance with others , for which we provide tools as well. However please note that sharing our Intellectual Property (IP) i.e questions, tips, etc., with others is clear IP infringement and that warrants legal action
  5. Is my payment at FACENOW safe?
  6. Ofcourse! We associate with state-of-the-art payment gateway partners to have secure transactions. So, you can make payment at our site without missing a heart beat!

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